Cosmedix Refine Plus (15ml)



This powerful concentration of Vitamin A takes Refine to the next level for enhanced results. Perfect those requiring more intense Retinol therapy.


• Increases cellular turnover

• Less irritation/redness than with other retinoids

• Reduces look of fine lines/signs of aging

• Improves skin texture and color

• Helps problem skin • Detoxifying

• Mattifying

• Discourages melanocyte grouping


• Problem Skin

• Hyperpigmentation

• Age Management

• Photodamaged

• Enlarged/Clogged pores


8% AGP Retinol Complex: Encourages skin renewal to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections

Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium PCA: Help prevent moisture loss


Home Care: Apply 1 pump to clean dry skin. Avoid eye area. Do not remove. Begin use on alternative nights building up to nightly application once tolerated.
Note: Begin with Refine until well tolerated at nightly use. Graduate to Refine Plus.

*Not safe for pregnant, or lactating women due to Retinol